Meet The Cabbies Atlantic Row Team

The Atlantic Dash is an ocean rowing regatta where everyone has the same goal: to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Daren Parr - London Taxi Driver

Daren Parr

Adventure has driven me for many years now. After sitting in my Taxi at Liverpool Street Station one day reading an article in a Taxi Newspaper asking for volunteers to take part in a TV series called Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle my life changed…


Bob Barber - Cabbies Do Atlantic Row

Bob Barber

Having no experience of rowing a boat across the Atlantic ocean, this will certainly be a
test emotionally physically and mentally. But isn’t that the reason why people do these sort of things, to accept the challenge to test yourself and to push your own personal limits?…


Stuart Lockhart - London Taxi Driver

Stuart Lockhart

I’m not one to ever back out or down from a challenge so when Daren phoned me & asked me if I wanted to be part of this amazing once in a lifetime experience, I jumped at the chance. I put the phone down and then started to think ‘What have I done here?’…